Friday, October 17, 2014

Dear Friend-Of-A-Friend,

A friend of mine got in touch with me today about a situation one of their friend's was in and they were looking for guidance... After pondering about it all day I finally decided I just needed to write out what was on my mind.
So here it is--addressed to "My friend's friend":
I may not know your story but I do know mine. I had loving parents who divorced when I was young but they still supported me as best they could. They tried to teach me everyday about family, love, integrity, hard work, patience, and about God’s love for me. Despite everything they taught, I still made mistakes—all of us do. Sometimes they are bigger, other times minor. And the world teaches us that its ok… that everyone makes mistakes. While that is true, it should not be justification for knowingly doing something that you know to be wrong. It is important to think about the consequences of your actions now BEFORE you reach a point-of-no-return.
Would you listen blindly when someone tells you not to “jump off a bridge”?  Or would you question—How far off the ground is the bridge? Will I get hurt? Will I die? Has anyone else jumped off the Bridge? Is there a cushion at the bottom? Is it fun? Who is going to do it with me? Is someone taping this?
The only question you should be asking is:
Why would you put yourself in a situation where you could be hurt in the first place? The world teaches us to question, to test the limits, and if we get hurt or make a mistake, its okay that’s what “second chances” are for. “Second Chances” are a gift. Given to you by someone who suffered more than any other person that you know. He suffered so that you could repent, be forgiven, and return to live in Heaven with him. So, WHY would you make that gamble with your eternal life? So many of life’s mistakes are preventable, if we would only listen to our own moral compass, who is screaming at us to stay on the straight and narrow path, but we refuse to listen. How will you learn? How will you stay on the straight and narrow path? If you know the consequences ahead of time, and we do, why would you do it any way? It is far easier to make the right choices the first time, than to suffer through the repentance process.
Trust me.
Having made my share of mistakes I would hope that my siblings, friends, family members, or anyone else reading this will learn from it, so they will not have to suffer as I have suffered.
I know what it is like to have a broken heart and contrite spirit. The repentance process took me longer than I thought it would. But changing the desires of your heart is hard. It was not fast. It was not easy.
Our generation is one of “instant messenger” “drive-thrus” “instant video streaming”. Quick and Easy. Satan wants you to believe Life is all about “Quick and Easy” and I will tell you here and now that if you do not have a firm foundation BUILT in righteousness and in making good choices the only thing that is “Quick and Easy” is the fall into Satan’s grasp—into misery, loneliness, depression, lust, and shame. Satan uses illusions of happiness and love and warmth but his delights of the body are only temporary. They do not last and they will leave you feeling emptier and hollowed, and pulled even farther from the Spirit.
I testify to you now, with all the knowledge that I have gained down my long and bumpy road in life, that the good things are WORTH waiting for. That Satan only has power over you if you allow him to.
I am grateful for Christ’s Atonement, because despite all the mistakes I made along the way, I WAS able to be forgiven. I have been able to feel the everlasting warmth, light and love that the gospel has to offer, and to know of Heavenly Father’s unquestionable love for me. And because I made the choice to Stop and Turn My Life to Him, I am happier than I ever could have imagined. I am closer to Him and I rely on Him more and more when trials, questions and hard times come up in my life. Today, I am happily married and sealed to my beloved eternal companion, who is my best friend and father to our children. We are a Christ-Centered family, who also know of the power and love Heavenly Father has for each of us. There is hope and happiness for those who want to change and who make the commitment to do so. I do not know your specific circumstance or situation, but I do know that we are all children of our Heavenly Father, and that means you are loved; and there is always someone on your side even when you feel alone. He knows you personally, better than you probably know yourself; he knows your needs and the desires of your heart. You are worth more than you know. Through the Atonement, and the long and hard repentance process, you too can gain a testimony of His love. You can change the path and direction of your life. Agency is Heavenly Father’s Gift to you.  

The choice is yours… What will you do with it?

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